The Israel Institute of Technology (“Technion”)

A science and technology research university that is among the top-ten global leaders in the development of human capital, leadership and the creation of knowledge, and that is dedicated to the advancement of the State of Israel and of humanity.

The first class of the Technion was opened in 1924, with 16 students, marking the birth of the first university in the Land of Israel. The first building was located in what is later to become the Hadar Neighborhood of Haifa. Water was pumped from a well that was specially dug on site for the purposes of the Technion.Since then and to this day, the Technion has been a significant driving force in the development of the State: from military technological solutions through to the electricity grid and the telephone network, from the establishment of traditional industries and the Israeli hi-tech industry to the development of housing solutions and infrastructure across Israel.Today, the Technion Campus is a small city located on an area bordering the Carmel forests on one side and overlooking the Port of Haifa on its other side. The Campus has 17 faculties in 85 buildings, including research facilities that are among the world’s most advanced facilities in their fields, such as highly-funded new interdisciplinary nano-technology and life sciences centers, as well as a super-computer that supports the highest level of studies.The Technion has more than 13,000 students, a third of which are female students. In most faculties, the percentage of women exceeds the national average for comparable faculties.Recently, the Technion Integrated Cancer Center (TICC) was established, which aims to bring together the best researchers and studies in the field of cancer. The research institute of Beit Shulamit will play a significant part in cancer research at the Technion.

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